Rain, nog een nieuw gedicht.

Hoe onze gevoelens ons mens maken? Lees dit gedicht eens op een rustige manier hardop voor jezelf voor. Zeker weten dat je dit zult herkennen.


Rain keeps falling down on the will of fever
desire, running out ,
soft kisses Sweet lips taste
of lipstick candlegloss

That pressence of safe warmth;
embracing the uncertainly calling ,
towards your breasts
the perfume close and near
caressing eachothers with thoughts ,

sensual softness
no other woman then you can do this for me
so with you

Elevating the smartness of your mind ,
you were imprissond too long in past

Even our differences what makes me man
what makes you woman its me,
answering to

Remains are restfull feelings


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