Restains of the day

Weathering clouds silently sailing on dustfree breezes gathering in a prayer unheard silence the wave that parted ,combined effort lies thrue a field of heaven

strokes of dust coloring seemless and so much more,dew of morning ,children last but food.In green fields they morn in the awakening of  the day.

When.. gave me a peak of silent thought, my skin pearsed, with some of me and some of you.You seemed …to very close if one of your desires grew up,then you ran.

And still i am ..very close not years of distant, but close i came, many years are left.

The memory , the restrains of the day.All i needed was to be discoverd of the pale gray colors well known thinkers in world that already live their lives in history.

Your fingers turn the pages of childhood freeing yourself ,the mind and body,the dance with white ivory of slain. creatures in the rain so their tears were never seen.

I can i will make a new begin,children are left behind the curtain ,fear has lasted in time ,in time,the road bricks pavement so the well,the source,joy and lasting laughter.






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